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Southeast Conservation Corps office:

2001 N. Chamberlain Ave. (Suite 400)

Chattanooga, TN 37406

(423) 664-2344



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“It would be wrong to guess that there would not be challenges ahead, but it is how face them that is the real test. We can meet the challenges and fall apart, or we can overcome them, but we really can’t walk away.”
2013 YCC Corps Member


“The SECC crew arrived with Pulaskis in hand. The professionalism and highly training field staff led the youth in numerous projects that resulted in a 25% cost reduction versus having to contract the same amount of work… all while employing local youth and instilling life-long job skills. Wow, this is hands down a fantastic new way of engaging youth in the outdoors, teaching valuable life and professional skills, while accomplishing conservation service in the Southeast.”
Matthew Henry (Ocoee – Hiawassee RD, AZ, US Forest Service)