Brenna Kelly – Program Director, Southeast Conservation Corps

Brenna KellyUpon returning the South, Brenna took an AmeriCorps VISTA position, intent on beginning a corps to offer the corps experience to youth in the region she was raised. Brenna began her conservation career as an AmeriCorps member on a California Conservation Corps, Backcountry Trail crew in 2002. Upon completion of her backcountry season, Brenna’s passions of conservation work and youth development lead her to Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Arizona and Colorado. During the past ten years she has cultivated her experience through multiple seasons on U.S. Forest Service trail crews, and through holding numerous positions at corps programs. Prior to her commitment to conservation, she attended University of Louisville majoring in Political Science. In her free time, she can be found recreating and exploring with her husband and Kiva Dog.



Joe Sherman- Field Coordinator

When not scoping out projects, in the office, or in the field getting happy and dirty, Joe enjoys spending his time hiking and camping with his wife and dog, reading, running with his dog, playing board and card games with friends, speaking to his dog in funny voices, catching up with old friends and family, improving his skills of rock-climbing and bouldering, travelling, and enjoying the wonderful city and community of Chattanooga. After years using trails for hobby hiking (thanks for planting a seed, Dad!) he got his start in the trail-building and conservation world by finding the website you're visiting right now, scratching his head and thinking, "wowzers, this looks awesome!" Turns out he was right. Since the summer of 2014, Joe has worked his way up from Crew Member to Crew Leader to Field Supervisor to Field Coordinator, and has been thrilled to be a part of SECC's ongoing growth.

Joe obtained a degree from Berry College in Political Science. He is originally from Bangor, Maine. His spirit tool is the rock bar.



Sarah Brown- Recruitment and Support Services Coordinator

Sarah entered the conservation world in 2014 as a corpsmember at Southeast Conservation Corps. She has served as both corpsmember and a crew leader. Sarah is a local resident of Chattanooga and a graduate of Sewanee: University of The South with a degree in Biochemistry. Sarah grew up in southeast Tennessee with an inherent need for mountains and creeks. She loves to hike, backpack, fish, cave, read, and run with her pup Maggie May. Sarah dabbles in climbing and garage construction projects.  Sarah loves the corpsworld for its vast variety of people and energy.



“The amount of work accomplished was astonishing, but the trail work we do does not even cover half of what we do. Yes we work harder than anyone would imagine, but we are [also] eager to learn!”

--2014 Corpsmember


YCC and Adult Crew Accomplishments for 2017 through June:

Total # of members: 32
Total # of hours served: 6109
-Total # of miles or rivers improved and/or created: 2.17
-Total # of acres improved or fully restored: 8.98
-New trail construction: 1252 feet
-Tread maintained: 1555.90 feet
-Corridor Clear: 1,217 feet
-Downed trees removed: 28
-Drains maintained: 4
-Grade dips built: 22
-Steps installed: 5 rock, 13 timber
-Bridges built: 14
-Invasive species removed: 12,605.12 cubic feet of privet
-Herbicide applied: 12.50 gallons
-Hours worked to removeundergrowth forfire reduction: 24.5 hours
-Trees/shrubs planted: 40
-Signs painted: 31
-Signs maintained: 31
-Other facility maintenance:
            -closed 7 illegal campgrounds
            -inventoried 134 plaques, monuments, and markers
            -cleaned 20 cannons