Adult Programs


Adult Conservation Trail Crew- Camping -Spring 2018

The adult  crew members work as a crew to perform heavy manual labor related to environmental conservation; work outdoors in all types of weather; learn and apply LNT principles and outdoor living skills. Crews may work in a variety of locations throughout the greater Southeast area. Project work may include but is not limited to trail construction and maintenance, timber and stone structures, invasive weed removal, and corridor clearance. This is a fantastic entry level position for those interested in or passion for National Park Service or Forest Service employment, Conservation work, Environmental education, outdoor education, outdoor recreation, travel, adventure, hard work, and looking to gain new skills while challenging yourself. Typical schedule is 9-days on camping at the project site, with 5 days off. You'll have the opportuniy to develop basic leadership skills, techinical trail building skills, passion, environmental stewardship, team work skills, camping and outdoor living skills, and grit. 

Age Requirements: 18-26 years 

Dates: 3/19 - 5/30/18











“The amount of work accomplished was astonishing, but the trail work we do does not even cover half of what we do. Yes we work harder than anyone would imagine, but we are [also] eager to learn!”

--2014 Corpsmember