Southeast Conservation Corps seeks to empower its members with dedicated and passionate staff. Please look below for current staff openings.

We have no current openings. 

The Southeast Conservation Corps (SECC) is a non-profit service organization built on the legacy of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) that operated from 1933-1942. SECC provides youth and young adult’s opportunities to complete conservation projects on public and private lands throughout Tennessee and the Southeast Region. While serving with SECC members learn job training skills, conflict resolution, leadership, teamwork, and environmental stewardship. Programs are structured using a stepladder approach to provide a progression of skill development based on a member’s needs. SECC runs field programs nearly year round from March – November, with the peak season being May – August, when adult and youth crews are operating at once. During peak season, up to seven crews can run at one time. SECC engages approximately 120 members per year throughout youth, adult, and veteran crews, as well as internships.





Office: 423-664-2344






When we are all together, making jokes and laughing together, these are the moments that I forget about what I miss, and realize this is my new home.

--2014 Corpsmember


   "So far, the experience I've had with SECC has been one of the best experiences I've had. During the second week of working as a part of the Urban Archeology Crew, we had a very progressive 5 days. The crew has become comfortable with each other very quickly, which includes embarrassing stories of everyone's childhoods as well as working very efficiently. Everyone in my crew has enjoyed themselves and made everyone else around them feel welcome." - Ashlyn Naylor - YCC 2017