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                                                                Crosscut work

SECC offers a unique set of programs that engage young people in meaningful education and service to their communities and natural landscapes. Since each program is purposeful in design, programs many vary in length, location, focus and populations served. Below is a list of current programs. 



Youth Conservation Crews
The Youth Conservation Crews crews offer youth, ages 16 – 18, an opportunity to gain employment experience, job-training skills, personal development, environmental education and recreation experience. We have both camping and local in-town crews. We have crews that focus on specific projects such as our historic preservation crews and urban arceology crews.

AmeriCorps Conservation Crews
AmeriCorps Conservation Crew programs engage motivated young adults, ages 18 – 26, to complete challenging and impactful conservation service projects throughout Tennessee and the Southeast region. We have both camping and local in-town crews. Each season our project differ but we do invasive projets, timber work, stone masonry, new trail construction, corridor clearing, saw work, and bridge projects.

Veterans Fire Crews

Veterans Fire Crew training program (in partnership with The Corps Network and The Nature Conservancy) provides training and on-the-job experience for post-911 era veterans interested in entering careers and gaining experience in natural resource management.

Individual Placements - Internships
SECC engages individuals 18-35  in Natural Resource internships with federal, state and local management agencies and environmentally focused non-profits. We partner with Southeast Coast Network, Great Smokey Mountains National Park, Lula Lake Land Trust, and other organizations in the Southeast region.

Trips for Kids
Trips for Kids – SECC connects youth, ages 12 – 15, to recreation and conservation service through the joy of riding a mountain bike and completing local service projects on public lands. Youth who successfully complete the five-month program earn their very own mountain bike.
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                                                                Trips with Kids


YCC and Adult Crew Accomplishments for 2017 through June:

Total # of members: 32
Total # of hours served: 6109
-Total # of miles or rivers improved and/or created: 2.17
-Total # of acres improved or fully restored: 8.98
-New trail construction: 1252 feet
-Tread maintained: 1555.90 feet
-Corridor Clear: 1,217 feet
-Downed trees removed: 28
-Drains maintained: 4
-Grade dips built: 22
-Steps installed: 5 rock, 13 timber
-Bridges built: 14
-Invasive species removed: 12,605.12 cubic feet of privet
-Herbicide applied: 12.50 gallons
-Hours worked to removeundergrowth forfire reduction: 24.5 hours
-Trees/shrubs planted: 40
-Signs painted: 31
-Signs maintained: 31
-Other facility maintenance:
            -closed 7 illegal campgrounds
            -inventoried 134 plaques, monuments, and markers
            -cleaned 20 cannons


"I personally was surprised at how well we all worked together. That was kind of amazing for me because we had never met each other before and we just kind of knew what to do and how to help each other. Every single person on my crew is amazing and hard working. I couldn't ask to be on a better crew."

2017 YCC Corpsmember


Those that serve with SECC come away with a lasting experience that provides tools and skills that enable them to succeed in their future endeavors. Last year, SECC engaged 120 corpsmembers in service, earning a total of $96,000 in education awards.