Conservation Programs


Southeast Conservation Corps offers a unique set of conservation programs that engage young people in meaningful education and service to their communities and natural landscapes. Since each program is purposeful in design, programs many vary in length, location, focus and populations served. Below is a list of the current programs that SECC offers.

Youth Conservation Crews
The Youth Conservation Crews crews offer youth, ages 16 – 18, an opportunity to gain employment experience, job-training skills, personal development, environmental education and recreation experience during the summer months. To find out more about Youth Conservation Crews read through some of the Frequently Asked Questions.

AdultConservation Crews 
Adult AmeriCorps Conservation Crew programs engage motivated young adults, ages 18 – 26, to complete challenging and impactful conservation service projects throughout Tennessee and the Southeast region. Our crews operate seasonally in the spring, summer, ans fall. Keep a lookout for position postings. To find out more about life on a crew read through some of the Frequently Asked Questions.

ndividual Placements Internships
SECC engages individuals in AmeriCorps individual placement positions with federal, state and local management agencies and environmentally focused non-profits. Internship terms can last for 8 weeks to 1 year. To find out more about individual placements, read through some of the Frequently Asked Questions.




“The amount of work accomplished was astonishing, but the trail work we do does not even cover half of what we do. Yes we work harder than anyone would imagine, but we are [also] eager to learn!”

--2014 Corpsmember


   "So far, the experience I've had with SECC has been one of the best experiences I've had. During the second week of working as a part of the Urban Archeology Crew, we had a very progressive 5 days. The crew has become comfortable with each other very quickly, which includes embarrassing stories of everyone's childhoods as well as working very efficiently. Everyone in my crew has enjoyed themselves and made everyone else around them feel welcome." - Ashlyn Naylor - YCC 2017