Individual Placement FAQ's


Who can apply for Individual Placements?

This depends on the specific placement that you are interested in. While some placements are targeting applicants within a certain age group, others are open to applicants of all ages. Please read through the specific job listings thoroughly. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the office.


How are individual placements different from AmeiCorps Conservation Crews? 

While most of our individual placemnt positions are also AmeriCorps positions, they are different from our AmeriCorps Conservation Crews in that IP's do not work on a crew of other AmeriCorps members lead by crew leaders. IP's are usually more like conservation internships working with a specific agency. 


What type of work do individual placements do?

Individual placements vary quite a bit depending on the needs of our partnership agencies. In the past we have had IPs working on trial building, wildlife management, interpretation and other tasks. Please read through specific job listings, or contact the office with any questions about these positions. 


“The amount of work accomplished was astonishing, but the trail work we do does not even cover half of what we do. Yes we work harder than anyone would imagine, but we are [also] eager to learn!”

--2014 Corpsmember

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