The impactful programs that SECC operates are completed in a collaboration with various types of partners: Our partners  typically include land management agencies at federal, state and local levels, as well as local non-profits and organizations. While our generous supporting partners provide various resources from financial support to product donations.


Project Partners
SECC completes a wide variety of projects and will work with you to determine if we can help meet your needs. To learn more about past projects and the benefits of a partnership with SECC please visit our Project Partners page  or feel free to contact the Program Director Brenna Kelly, directly:


Bike Program Partners
SECC has a seasonal program that uses a community-based approach to engage and mentor underserved youth within Chattanooga, TN. This program provides a unique recreational experience in nature to a community normally bound by the limits of city streets. Group rides are led by staff and identified mentors from within the local mountain biking community that also have a strong interest in youth development. Trips for Kids SECC Programs are also offered in partnership with other organizations, please inquire for additional details.

Trips for Kids SECC Flyer

Support Opportunities
Interested in seeing how your organization, foundation or company can connect with SECC? Partnering opportunities include but are not limited to: providing financial assistance, providing gear, assisting in marketing or outreach activities, supporting individuals or project work such as construction of a high profile trail, protection of a key river corridor or enhancement of a wildlife habitat area. Please contact for more information.





“The SECC crew arrived with Pulaskis in hand. The professionalism and highly training field staff led the youth in numerous projects that resulted in a 25% cost reduction versus having to contract the same amount of work… all while employing local youth and instilling life-long job skills. Wow, this is hands down a fantastic new way of engaging youth in the outdoors, teaching valuable life and professional skills, while accomplishing conservation service in the Southeast.”
Matthew Henry (Ocoee – Hiawassee RD, AZ, US Forest Service)


   "So far, the experience I've had with SECC has been one of the best experiences I've had. During the second week of working as a part of the Urban Archeology Crew, we had a very progressive 5 days. The crew has become comfortable with each other very quickly, which includes embarrassing stories of everyone's childhoods as well as working very efficiently. Everyone in my crew has enjoyed themselves and made everyone else around them feel welcome." - Ashlyn Naylor - YCC 2017