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Southeast Conservation Corps


Adventure Awaits


September 23, 2018 | Why is it so dark and cramp I ask myself. Who are these other objects next to me. This doesn't feel like my original team. Oh we stopped and I see a light, can this be my time. Moving and jostling I'm waiting my turn, waiting waiting for the end of no return. I guess today isn't the day, back in the tarp I stay. Day 2 arrives and I'm feeling great, actually got to leave this place. Attached to this unknown person bag, going down in a zigzag path. Reached this unknown destination and learning all this new information. Alright it's now my time to shine, my blades are as smooth as wine. One bridge, two bridge, coming my way. Oh I'm going to have some fun today. Finally get to show my stuff, digging and scraping hope soon I get a buff. Thinking and wondering about my other side, why hasn't he shown his pride. But everything is coming around bridge looks all sound. I feel happy with the job I've done so far, my partner though he's usually the star. Back on the bag, up I go, wrapped back in weird joe. Back to shop which is very crafty, oh I forgot my name it's Pulaski.

-Charles Roberts, Crew 944