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Southeast Conservation Corps

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Archive 2021

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  • Womens crew takes a selfie in front of Daniel Boone National Forest

    Women at Work: All-female crew rebuilds campsites on Daniel Boone National Forest

    November 26th, 2021 | Through partnership with the Southeast Conservation Corps, the Daniel Boone National Forest was privileged to host a 14 member all-female trail crew earlier this fall. The crew spent eight weeks rebuilding campsites, constructing a quarter mile of trail and completing other necessary maintenance work on the Forest’s popular Bee Rock Campground on the London Ranger District. Their work was instrumental in restoring the severely flood-damaged campground.

    Source: WUKY

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  • Crew Leader standing in the forest smiling holding a clipboard

    On your next hike, spare a thought for the trail builders who made it possible


    Sept 15, 2021 | You don’t see them as you kick through the leaves on your hike. You won’t see them as you squeeze through an inviting crevice between two boulders to discover what’s beyond. Don’t look for them as you pedal toward a perfectly placed berm or you may tumble off your bike. Just know that the people responsible for the thrilling ride and the beckoning passageway, the people who plan where you will step and what you will view — they see you. These trail workers are the unseen architects guiding your interaction with the great outdoors.

    Source: The Washington Post

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    Drains, Bridges, Mud, and More Mud


    July 2021 | The biggest project we did was create a switchback around a ton of fallen brush. We had to make a couple of rock steps and renaturalize the old trail. Because it was the last week, we also had to do the final derig. It’s cool to look back on what all we have done, but that also makes it harder to leave this crew.

    Source: Southeast Conservation Corps

  • Pxl 20210711 225456186

    Youth Crew Knocks Out Projects in the Ocoee

    July 2021 | During the first week of work, our group spent most of our time working in or around water. We built two different water crossings, working as a team to move rocks into place, building stepping stones across the streams.

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    Boardwalks and Barbeques at Natchez Trace


    July 22, 2021 | The bridge replacement project was especially interesting for me because of the ecological reasoning behind it. Our project partner wanted to use native timber to form the base of the new bridge, so we helped him by removing the bark from the trees that would be used.

    Source: Southeast Conservation Corps

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    This is Your Captain Speaking


    June 7, 2021 | Then the real work began: we grabbed towels and knelt down on hands and knees to slowly and evenly scrape away centimeter after centimeter of soil, working steadily downwards in-depth and backward through time.

    Source: Southeast Conservation Corps

  • Img 20200728 160759

    "The most powerful and unpredictable of elemental forces"


    March 16, 2021 | What I enjoy most is being part of a crew that is working toward a common goal while still looking out for each other. This is something that I did not see much in the private sector and it was one of the things I missed most from my time in the Marine Corps.

    Source: Southeast Conservation Corps


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