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Southeast Conservation Corps


There is Something About These People


Crew 949 sitting on a rock staircase they built

March 19, 2019 | 

It's raining

It's cold

I'm tired

I'm dirty

I'm hungry

I'm sore

I'm wet and my scalp is itching like crazy There is a hole in my pants, everything is muddy..

And man.. I haven’t felt this good in a long time.


There is something about these people, and there’s something about this work..   

There’s something about putting your hands in the Earth and moving and molding her that makes you feel connected to something so much bigger than yourself..

I feel fulfilled, I feel exhausted in the best way.. and I feel lucky.


Through the past 5 Years of my life, I have found these senses of community, of family… From rivers, from yoga.. And now I find it here, in the SECC. And I am grateful as hell.. because regardless of the permanence, regardless of the seasons that will undoubtedly change and end and grow into something else, regardless of the faces and places your eyes may never grace again..

The connection is everlasting..

and so is the impact. 

- Emily Scott, Crew 949